You've probably heard that throughout history, composers were commissioned to write pieces by larger institutions as well as by private donors. This tradition is still alive today and you can be a part of it.

Who can commission a composer to write a piece?

If you thought that only art organizations or cultural institutions can commission pieces, then you will be surprised to hear that anybody can commission a composer to write a piece.


Answers are unlimited, but the main reason is that you would participate in a creation of a new piece of music that wouldn't be born into this world without your generosity and support. This would be a very meaningful way to contribute to the history of music and artistic legacy of your time.

What is the benefit of commissioning?

In addition to the meaningful satisfaction of making music possible and contributing to its evolution, your name will appear on the score, program notes and on the recording of the piece and people around the world will get to see it. In the event that your commissioned piece wins an award, you will typically be invited to accompany the composer to the ceremony of receiving it.

How does it work?

If you heard my music and would like to participate in the creation of new pieces of mine, please email me about what type of piece you have in mind and what occasion you would like to commission it for (private or public concert, CD project or any other event).


Music as any other forms of art is invaluable and therefore priceless yet some approximation of its material equivalent can be logically established. The expense of commissions are flexible and vary based on many elements including the instrumentation of the piece, the length of the work and other various essentials which usually depend on the individual project. If you would like to get more information on the range of costs, visit the New Music USA.

Here you will find guidelines on the commissioning process. New Music USA is also willing to clarify and facilitate any concerns or processes for issues relating to tax purposes. Payments can be made in advance or after delivering the score.


Musicians, ensembles, organizations and patrons can jointly co-commission a piece of music. This would ease financing of the work while retaining the published credit for sponsoring the piece.


I enjoy collaborating with musicians and many of my pieces have been born as a result of this meaningful human experience. Commissioning a piece can also be a collaborative effort shared between the commissioner and the composer. I am looking forward to hearing your ideas and discovering some unexpected territory of musical terrain through collaborating with you. I am sure that the process will be rewarding and meaningful for both parties.